Film Production Courses

Film Production Courses

An intensive study into the world of film producing where intended to instruct and prepare future film, television and other visual media producers for the fields of creative producing and production management. Students who have a passion to be outstanding filmmakers will find this exciting course exactly right for them. The courses combine the teaching of theoretical and creative processes with practical hands-on film production, with the emphasis on practice. With our innovative hands-on approach to teaching, students find themselves completely immersed in their course of study, full equipped studio and facilities. The project-based curriculum is designed to reflect a real-world environment while encouraging students to explore their own creativity and passions. The endless technical possibilities and flexibility of digital technology makes the digital format the preferred choice of some of the top filmmakers of the world. This is the opportune time for students to prepare themselves for the endless opportunities to come as they are taught to life experience on producing corporate video and short-film production which will combining the in-house talents that we trained.


  • Voice Movement
  • Scene Study
  • Lighting Technique
  • Video Production Technique
  • Audio Production Technique
  • Editing Technique
  • Knowledge Of Production Equipment And Tools
  • Directing Workshop
  • Project Assignment
  • Special Equipment


  • 6 Months 
Film Production Courses

Monthly Intake